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  • 1.Our promise for Tibia GoldTibia Credits delivery is 8 mins-24 hour!
  • 2.After you pay or while you are paying,please come to our live chat support.One of our operator will arrange a trade with you in Tibia Gold.
  • 3.Our usual trade spot in Tibia Gold, Tibia Credits in the game.


Please write down the following information in your payment note:
1. Character name
2. Your Email/MSN

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1. Account with the game currency transactions, to pay attention to several issues

2. Due to frequent and increasing fraudulent activities, you should not give your gold to anyone after receiving it!! YGS would never ask you to Give THE GOLD BACK after trading!

3. We usually deliver within 30 minutes to 24 hours after payments received. Some orders in big amount may take longer. We will try our best to deliver as quickly as we can.

Game Currency: First enter the game, games, role name, and district service; besure to make it clear. Try not to use those figures to do the role of 0 and the letter O or other confusing names transaction when the error-prone!

Game Number: Game number sold with no password protection, any purchase of Game numbers of the password-protected for a certain self, if the number is stolen, you can use Forgot Your Password to get your password! If it is because the application did not password-protected stolen, we would burden no responsibility!